August 25

Hello Again!


Hello Again!

I founded Gamma Innovation Group in March 2018 with the intention of providing design thinking expertise and support to companies who were seeking a new approach to ongoing challenges in marketing, branding and product and program development. I had the great pleasure of working with organizations to not only support their business efforts with a human centered design approach, but to also teach marketing, communications and program teams how to begin with the consumer in mind.

However, I soon learned that my clients (and potential clients) wanted more. I began to have more conversations about strategy, marketing, business development and building brands through partnerships and sponsorship. These areas are in my sweet spot, that intersection of my experience, expertise and passion. 

I am now re-launching Gamma Innovation Group with a focus on marketing strategy and services, while still infusing design thinking in all of our work. In addition to my background and experience, I am collaborating with a distributed team of marketers who can bring the strategy to life for our clients. I am excited to work with new organizations, who are among the best in the sports, non-profit and technology industries and I welcome the opportunity to expand our reach into new industries as well.

The Gamma Innovation Group blog will consist of our thoughts and questions about marketing and strategy during these most turbulent times. We also hope to share the voices of others who may have been previously overlooked as we highlight established companies, startups, founders and marketing execs who are getting it right.

I am glad to be back! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and updates to hear from us and if you want to chat, let’s find a time here.

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